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1 in 5 Americans work in hostile environments, survey finds

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Today's Top Stories August 17, 2017

levelling up

How to spot a toxic workplace and what to do about it

Subjective work processes are a problem.

the whole human

10 signs you’re burning out and how to stop it

The harder you work, the easier it is to get in over your head.

words at work

Strangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds

You're being judged rapidly, frequently, and accurately.

the whole human

4 ways to stay afloat when you have more than one job

Different jobs = different skills.

the whole human

4 ways to navigate a long-term career break and come out on top

Use the time for reflection.

the whole human

4 rituals that will make you mentally strong

Ask: “What would Batman do?”

the whole human

7 working moms on what it’s like to pump breast milk at the office

"No one should have to decide between job security or breast milk for their newborn.”

how to

3 tips to become well-spoken

Make others feel well-heard.


How to answer the 5 most important interview questions

Here are the perfect answers.

office life

Here’s why you shouldn’t use smiley face emojis in work emails

A smiley is not a smile.

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